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Introducing a flavourful collection of masterfully blended teas

Teas for every taste

With the world’s finest teas and botanicals in hand, Teavana® tea masters have crafted hot, iced and chai tea blends to give your customers a distinctly flavourful experience with every sip.

Over 6 million cups of Teavana teas are sold in 8,000+ U.S. Starbucks stores every week

Iced Teas

Refreshing teas for every occasion

Teavana® Iced Teas deliver a full-flavour experience, allowing you to tap into what your customers love. From hand-shaken iced teas for your handcrafted cafe locations to self-serve solutions for your inline, banquet or catering business, Teavana® Iced Teas are sure to delight your customers.

Teavana Tea

Hot Teas

Customer satisfaction in every cup

Deliver a premium tea experience that’s as beautiful as it is flavourful with our Full Leaf Sachets. Or choose classic Filterbags (coming this Fall) to give your customers the same full-flavour quality teas in a convenient format designed with your business needs in mind.

Tea Cups